Some would call me a hero, others would call me an outlaw, but if you ask me I'm just a regular joe with an amazing job to do. Tattoo.

   Born out of the harshest deserts of Utah, and raised by a cult of insane religious fanatics, I became one of the most rebellious kind of artists in the world. Yes, I became the dreded tattoo artist. Shunned by my people and exiled from the lands of birth, I sought refuge in the Emerald City. I now practice my dark arts on any lost soul that crosses my path. Some are lost just like me, others never had a soul to begin with. With every passing day and each tattoo I do, I hope my marks left upon the indigenious people of the land get noticed by the tattoo gods. Then they will look kindly upon my soul when the reaper comes for me. 





  Neil is a tattooist with more than a decade of experience in his beloved craft and is well versed in a wide variety of tattoo methods and styles. He prefers black and grey work, but is at peace with the public demand for color tattoos. When cornered or threatened, Neil will attack with powerful foreclaws that inflict 2D6 points of damage per level of attacker and a burst of Lysol from his mouth. He also enjoys Mario cart and slayer. 




I'm Ruben Hi! 


 I began tattooing in 1989 and spent 30 years Tattooing the DC Metro area . I enjoy doing all styles of tattooing , I prefer traditional Americana or traditional Japanese style tattoo designs if given the option. My goal is to provide customers with quality tattoos they will enjoy for life.





Call For Availibility


Bridge, conch, eyebrow, helix, labret, lip, lobes (up to 8g), Medusa, Monroe, Nipple (1), nostril, philtrum, tongue



Daith, industrial, nipple (2), rook, septum, single point (dermal anchor), snakebites, snug, tragus



Single lobe



Tapering, jewelry insertion





19540 Aurora Avenue North

Shoreline, Washington 98133



Monday - Thursday: 2pm - 10pm
Friday - ​​Saturday: 2pm - 12am
​Sunday: 2pm - 8pm


(206) 317-ECHO

(206) 317-3246


     Here at Echo Tattoo we are devoted quality and customer service. We take great pride and care in our work and will treat you with respect and dignity. With decades of experience in the industry and a passion for the craft we strive to do the very best artwork and tattooing for all our clients.  We would be happy to meet you and show you what we can do for you. 
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